Terms & Conditions

1. Tracking Methodology

a. LAZADA and the Affiliate agree that tracking and reporting are being carried out by LAZADA’s Affiliate Platform by which a cookie is dropped on the user’s browser to track transaction back to each specific affiliate and by which the device ID is used to track transactions generated from LAZADA app.

b. LAZADA attributes a transaction to the Affiliate which is in the last position of the paid click chain. For mobile app campaigns, a post-click attribution is used and the order is attributed to the last paid link, regardless of clicks to other organic marketing channels’ links.

c. In the event that a transaction is not tracked in the manner contemplated under 1a and 1b, LAZADA shall have the right to track the volume of transactions attributed to the Affiliate based on LAZADA’s own data.

2. Restriction on activity of Affiliate

a. The Affiliate shall be expressly prohibited from modifying the Advertising Materials and content accessed via the LAZADA’s Affiliate Platform, unless having Lazada’s consent in writing.

b. The Affiliate shall not be allowed to use advertising e-mails to promote LAZADA, unless having Lazada’s consent in writing.

c. The Affiliate’s Media or other relevant advertising media shall not conduct, undertake, use, perform or exercise deal, torrent or streaming activities, unless having Lazada’s consent in writing.

d. The Affiliate shall be prohibited from creating and/or maintaining websites/apps that might lead to risk of confusion with the web/mobile presence of LAZADA.

e. It is strictly prohibited to drive SEM and other keyword-based advertising traffic using the LAZADA brand or private labels, to LAZADA’s Product.

f. Advertising LAZADA through social media activities (including but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) is granted upon request, unless having Lazada’s consent in writing.

g. The Affiliate shall not set up campaigns on third party Affiliate Networks, unless having Lazada’s consent in writing.

h. The use of offers, creative or brand names for any case of competition or lottery is strictly prohibited, unless having Lazada’s consent in writing.

i. The Affiliate shall not purchase any Product(s) through Advertising materials provided by LAZADA for resale or commercial use of any kind.

j. The Affiliate shall not run any campaigns on website www.lazada.vn under any forms.

k. These subjects are not allowed to participate in Lazada Affiliate Program: (1) any Seller signed E-commerce Service Contract with Lazaada, (2) staffs of Lazada, including but not limited to any employees signed the labour or freelancer contract and (3) any individual, organisation which Lazada allow to access its confidential information.

3. Obligations of the Affiliate

a. The Affiliate shall be responsible for the content and routine operation of the Affiliate’s Media or other relevant Affiliate Media.

b. The Affiliate shall be liable, vis-à-vis LAZADA, for ensuring that its advertising content are neither in direct nor in indirect breach of domestic or foreign thirdparty property rights or other rights that do not meet any special statutory protection.

c. The Affiliate shall warrant that it will set cookies only if advertising material made available by the LAZADA Affiliate Program is in visible use on the Affiliate’s Website and the user clicks voluntarily and consciously

d. The Affiliate may promote solely vouchers that LAZADA has approved explicitly for affiliates or communicated by means of Affiliate newsletters.

e. The Affiliate shall remove LAZADA advertising material without delay from the Affiliate’s Website if LAZADA requests it to do so.

f. If LAZADA is sued by third parties on account of the Affiliate's breach of contractual obligations or on account of the Affiliate's violation of a statutory provision in relation to the placement of LAZADA advertising material, the Affiliate shall be obliged to indemnify LAZADA against all third-party claims that are asserted on account of the aforementioned breaches.

g. The Affiliate covenants that it has and will maintain all licenses, permits, approvals, registrations or the like, to perform the matters contemplated under this Agreement and that it shall carry out this Agreement in compliance with relevant law of Vietnam.

h. The Affiliate shall declare each of its Sub-Affiliates with LAZADA, which will involve the identification of the Sub-Affiliates segment, activity and insertion of tracking parameters of unique identifiers to allow tracking of performance.

For more details, please find Affiliate contract template for your reference: HERE

For any questions, please contact us at lazadaaffiliate@lazada.vn